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Download media data online is the only ERP platform with an online and print editorial team consisting of well-known industry and scientific enterprise technology experts. New trends and captivating topics are regularly researched and presented, and the scope of cutting-edge content continuously expanded. Furthermore, exclusive advertising opportunities exist for companies to position their brands. Use Advertising in to access decision-makers and an educated audience in German-speaking and European markets. Six online editions appear annually with exclusive ERP content, enabling enterprise technology companies to reach potential customers with ERP and industry related topics.

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Information and advice

  • Up to date information on ERP related events
    Breaking news on enterprise technology markets
    Supporting the digital transformation journey
    Market overview with comprehensive information about ERP solutions and their functions
    In the archive, readers find the entire content of previous editions and other selected content from the print edition
    Latest literature for tackling ERP troubles?

Content and structure

  • Exclusive specialized articles on the current topic of the online edition
    Whitepaper on current challenges
    Success stories of thriving ERP projects
    Insights to articles in the content shop
    Book excerpts
    Video (max. 3 min).
    ERP oriented books or e-books
    Specialized videos from ERP experts including advertising credits

Topics 2021

Print editions

ERP market leader 2021/1: The best ERP systems

Release date: 16.03.21
Closing date for advertisements: 19.02.21 Deadline for printing materials: 23.02.21

ERP Management 2021/2: ERP-based Growth

Release date: 04.12.21
Closing date for advertisements: 11.03.21 Deadline for printing materials: 03.18.21

ERP Management 2021/3: Master Data Management

Release date: 29.06.21
Closing date for advertisements: 28.05.21 Printing material deadline: 04.06.21

ERP market leader 2021/4: The best ERP systems

Release date: 09.07.21
Closing date for advertisements: 06.08.21 Printing material deadline: 13.08.21

ERP Management 2021/5: Sustainability

Release date: 10.18.21
Closing date for advertisements: 16.09.21 Printing material deadline: 23.09.21

ERP Management 2021/6: ERP implementation

Release date: 07.12.21
Closing date for advertisements: 05.11.21
Closing date for printing materials: 12.11.21

Online editions


1/2021: ERP selection (ET: 02/23/21)
2/2021: ERP-based Growth (ET: 04/12/21) 3/2021: Master Data Management (ET: 06/29/21)
4/2021: ERP operations management (ET: 07.09.21) 5/2021: Future viability (ET: 18.10.21)
6/2021: ERP implementation (ET: 07.12.21)

Forms of advertising

You have the following choices to contribute:


Publish a collection of recommendations regarding the levels of technology, performance, standards, or functionality. Reader-friendly text with images.
Only one whitepaper per topic is permitted!

6 months: 1990 EUR
12 months: 2490 EUR

Success story

Describe one of your successful implementation projects. Reader-friendly text with images.

6 months: 1290 EUR
12 months: 1790 EUR

Product report / company portrait

Explain the features and benefits of your current product or introduce your company.

6 months: 1290 EUR
12 months: 1790 EUR

Print surcharge

Ensure that your text is also featured in the print version and therefore remains permanently available. You will receive a PDF for your permanent use. Layout by the publisher.

690 € per page (about 4500 characters)

Video contribution

Present your stance on the main topic with a video. Only one booked video contribution per focus is permitted!

6 months: 1190 EUR
12 months: 1990 EUR

Advertising in the editorial video

For each topic, a video designed by the editorial team appears on a professionally prepared theme. Advertising slots are possible at the beginning of these videos (max. 10 sec).
Only one advertisement per video is permitted!
1590 EUR

Header banner

Aspect ratio 3: 1
Width 1000 pixels
Height 344 pixels / variable per week: EUR 390

Floating banner

Aspect ratio 2: 4
Width 200 pixels
Height 400 pixels / variable per week: 290 EUR

Activated two times 5% Activated three times 10% Activated four times 15%
Combination with other journals of the publisher 10%

Book a yearly rate and save 3 months (pay just 9 rather than 12 months).

The publication of special focus editions may be approved upon request. Please discuss details with the editorial team. For each issue, a special newsletter reaching >7000 recipients, highlights topics in the current issue and poses opportunity for content related advertisements.

A maximum of two whitepapers are permitted in the trade fair edition.

Product report / company portrait

A product report describes the features and advantages of a current product or service offered by your company. The company portrait introduces your company. As a further option, your leadership portrait offers a more personal representation of the services you offer. The editors will be happy to help you revise the text.

6 months: 1290 EUR
12 months: 1790 EUR
Print surcharge (appearing in a print edition): 690 EUR per page
(Approx. 3500 characters per page plus images; the number of characters is unlimited.)

Success story / white paper

By publishing a success story, you can highlight your successful implementation projects and describe specific features of your solutions. Publish recommendations on the levels of technology, services, stan- dards or functions in a whitepaper for the edition of your choice. Only one whitepaper can be booked per issue.

Success Story (6 months): 1290 EUR
Success Story (12 months): 1790 EUR
White paper (6 months): EUR 1990
White paper (12 months): EUR 2490
Print surcharge (appearing in a print edition): 690 EUR per page
(approx. 3500 characters per page plus images; the number of characters is unlimited.)


Maximize your product exposure by publishing a company video on This promotional video (product trailers, slides, or trade fair videos) can be booked for each issue. In addition to your own video contributions, you may also introduce yourself in the opening credits of the editorial video published for each issue. Only one advertising series is permitted per issue!

Company video 6 months: 1190 EUR
Company video 12 months: EUR 1990
Advertising in the editorial video 6 months: 890 EUR
Advertising in the editorial video 12 months: EUR 1590

Vendor portal (ERP Software Market Overview)

A “Basic” entry with address and telephone or fax number is free of charge.

The “Premium” entry comes with unique benefits, including an overview of the market surveys you have participated in. Also all success stories and news from and ERP Management (Print) are included in your entry. In addition, a link to your website and a contact form is offered, with direct access to your sales team as well as your logo and a company description with services and products. Up to 3 sectors and up to 2 services are included in the premium entry.

For a surcharge, you can access “Platinum” visibility, placing your entry at
the foremost page of the ERP software market overview.


Prices per month 

Basic: 0 EUR
Logo: 19 EUR
Premium: 99 EUR
Platinum: 169 EUR


Editorial management


Prof. Dr. Sandy Eggert
Phone +49 331 9774566




Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau
Director of the Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam


Advertising management


Martina Braun
Phone +49 30 419383 64
Fax: +49 30 419383 67




Wiebke Wegener


International Sales


Chris Bently


Mit ERP aus der Krise

Der neu erschienene Sammelband Zukunftsfähig mit ERP-Systemen enthält ausgewählte Artikel namhafter Forscher und Praktiker, um Expertenwissen rund um das Thema eines erfolgreichen ERP-Einsatzes für Anwendungen in der Praxis nutzbar zu machen. Er wendet sich vor allem an IT-Entscheider, die Digitalisierungsanstren- gungen planen und dabei auf einen optimierten ERP-Einsatz setzen.
Order E-BooK

The European ERP Event

European elite event to take place in Frankfurt/Germany

Two-day conference on ERP trends with 3 major highlights:

  • Meet this year’s finalists for the European contest „ERP system of the year”!
  • Check whether your company needs an upgrade, a new ERP or major process improvements
  • Take advice from leading experts on Digital transformation, AI and ERP

Register now, limited seats!

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