The new possibilities for improving business processes through digital technologies are almost infinite. It has never been so easy to speed up processes, avoid errors or tap into previously unexploited efficiency potential while increasing employee and customer satisfaction, for example through greater individualisation of the range of services. At the same time it is also important to ensure that new technologies can later be seamlessly expanded and integrated. Read on to find out what options are available and what users should look out for.


Saturday March 27th, 2021

Digitalen Fortschritt gestalten

Wednesday January 13th, 2021

IT-Trends 2021: 2021 wird das Jahr des Kunden

Monday January 11th, 2021

Von Process Mining bis Cloud-Services

Monday January 11th, 2021

Heino Feige verstärkt die Geschäftsführung

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The ERP system is, and remains, the backbone of corporate IT.ERP systems form the backbone of companies’ IT. And that is not going to change.  However, is equipping it with ever more functions really the right way to proceedWe have to ask, though, whether simply adding more functions to a company’s ERP system is the[mehr][more]

New, digital service models in times of social distancing
branchenübergreifendcross industry

New, digital service models in times of social distancing

The year 2020 has shown us that many companies in mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing took the chance to use the suppressed economy to readjust their market orientation and business portfolios. Centre stage of this new readjustment is digital after sales services, which were not only important before the beginning of the pandemic but have[mehr][more]

Grow and stay competitive in the digital ageGreater focus on customers through bespoke manufacturing
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Grow and stay competitive in the digital age

Greater focus on customers through bespoke manufacturing

Products tailored to individual customers mean a clear competitive advantage, but only if they can be produced quickly, efficiently and in a financially feasible way. To maintain the delicate balancing act between decreasing vertical integration and simultaneously increasing variant diversity and data volume, smart data management of variant configurations, photos, product descriptions, work schedules and[mehr][more]

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GWS Unternehmensgruppe Münster
Handelcross industry

GWS Unternehmensgruppe Münster

Virtual ALPHAPLAN open house exhibition 2020: Using the opportunities of digitalisation
Handelcross industry

Virtual ALPHAPLAN open house exhibition 2020: Using the opportunities of digitalisation

Handelcross industry

Reybex Cloud ERP

    reybex is the ERP system of the future. It offers online sellers, retailers, wholesalers, and service providers an all-in-one Cloud Solution. All channels of distribution converge into one, centrally controlled system. With more than 16 years of ERP experience, reybex is your trusted partner in matters of digitalisation. Its wide range of functions[mehr][more]

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ERP Software Market Overview

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