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The winners of the ERP Competition 2020 “System of the year”

October 15, 2020 by Norbert Gronau

The winners of the ERP Competition 2020 “System of the year”

What an exciting finale this week at the ERP Congress in Frankfurt, streamed for the very first time live online! The high number of viewers in the livestream confirmed the high level of interest in the best ERP systems. A total of 29 systems competed, and 13 passed the jury’s preliminary decision and made it into the finals. In the category “Startup ERP for fast growing companies”, D&G Software,Vectotax and Optibit stepped into the ring. The winner was the company Vectotax with their TaxMetall solution. In the category of “international ERPs” CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft and Abona Deutschland GmbH fought for the crown. With examples of how real customers use the ERP in 30 different countries and over 3,000 users, CVS won over the jury with their Alphaplan solution. 

The automotive ERP category is traditionally one of the most important competitions. Timeline Business Solution was able to narrowly win the day against the equally excellent PSI Automotive & Industry. In the high-tech industry category, Asseco fought against Dontenwill and the newcomer Helium. Asseco was able to take home the prize to their office in Karlsruhe. The finale in the category “ERP platform” was also very exciting. In this category Modula, Werbas, and Weclapp competed for first prize, which Weclapp secured for itself.The jury determined the VS/4 ERP system to offer the best solution for small and medium sized enterprises and granted D&G-Software GmbH the SME Special Award in this category.

The competition for ERP System of the Year will be back again in 2021 with an international prize round.

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