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11. April 2021


The ERP system is, and remains, the backbone of corporate IT.ERP systems form the backbone of companies’ IT. And that is not going to change.  However, is equipping it with ever more functions really the right way to proceedWe have to ask, though, whether simply adding more functions to a company’s ERP system is the right way forward.? The COSMO Consult Group is not the only company that is convinced that a better solution can be found elsewhere: In the cloud and guided by Move2SaaS strategy.

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“I consider scalability to be one of the main advantages of the cloud” (CTO Tobias Fenster)

Tobias Fenster, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of COSMO CONSULT, states: “It‘s quite exciting to see the speed at which the IT world is developing. Suddenly you have a lot of software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service offers available. So, I get a lot of things which, although I have to pay for them, don‘t require me to perform my own maintenance. This allows me to keep up-to-date with technical complexity in a way that I could otherwise only manage on-premises with great effort. The aspect of scaling is also highly interesting: In the cloud, I can say ‘I know when my peak workloads are’. So then I scale up, and pay more. But, the rest of the time I scale back and pay less. I consider this scalability to be one of the main advantages of the cloud, alongside no longer having to worry about technical complexity. And in times of constantly evolving threat and attack scenarios, data protection is, in my opinion, a very clear argument in favour of the cloud.”

Klaus Aschauer, Member of the Management Board and Chief Customer Officer (CCO), agrees: “I am convinced that all companies operating today with an on-premises installation and performing their own admin will need to adopt a strategy in the short or medium term to find out how to deal with the software solutions that they have installed and how best to use the cloud. If a company is to invest profitably into technologies such as big data, data link, Azure and machine learning, the future is in the cloud. Eventually, artificial intelligences will only be operated in the cloud. Every company will be forced to deal with it in some way. Then, at some point you will pull your ERP software and other systems into a cloud-compatible infrastructure, into a cloud-compatible environment. And a cloud-capable environment then inevitably leads to the topic of software as a service, essentially, only using what is actually needed as a service from software the well known pay-by-use.

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“Thinking in the direction of SaaS and cloud applications is a must” – (CCO Klaus Aschauer)

In recent years it has also become increasingly important to interlink different systems, warehouse management, ERP, CRM, Modern Workplace and one more system, one more interface and one more provider. It is also dawning on customers that they have to digitalize entirely. They now realize that it does not help them if they have a partially digital process somewhere but then have to carry a piece of paper over the next building. And this is where the advantage of COSMO CONSULT is clear: Our portfolio covers the entire process from the start to finish, end-to-end, covering all eventualities, with our own people. Everything from a single source and on a shared platform.

If we look at the Microsoft platform, there is an Azure cloud as the basis for the business software, and within this Azure cloud there are different apps. One such app is Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management which can be then also broken down into sub-sets. Perhaps you only need the parts for finance and project operations, and maybe one part from Office 365 with Teams that you would like to integrate. That is the platform idea. In the past, it was common to equip the ERP systems with more and more functions. Now the functionalities are put on a platform in order to use smaller applications and to make operation easier for the users. However, to achieve this, the products must possess a certain technology for operation within a cloud environment. And today only those software products which are subject to a certain technological advancement are capable of that. 

Thinking in the direction of SaaS and cloud applications is a necessity, and not a flash in the pan for COSMO CONSULT. We call this strategy Move2SaaS and that is why we offer our customers a predefined way of evolving IT applications from on-premises to a cloud model in order to transform them into digitalization winners.



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