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Grow and stay competitive in the digital age

Greater focus on customers through bespoke manufacturing

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01. March 2021

Grow and stay competitive in the digital ageGreater focus on customers through bespoke manufacturing

Products tailored to individual customers mean a clear competitive advantage, but only if they can be produced quickly, efficiently and in a financially feasible way. To maintain the delicate balancing act between decreasing vertical integration and simultaneously increasing variant diversity and data volume, smart data management of variant configurations, photos, product descriptions, work schedules and variant component lists is imperative.  

Not only because the percentage of configuration errors will be drastically reduced, but also because pricing, configuration, inventory control, and planning will become realisable with much less effort in a secure environment. To simulate and effectively manage the resulting changes of different variants in cost estimation and resource planning, underlying algorithms and dependencies must be freely definable and compiled in a central system of configuration rules.

Higher profitability in bespoke manufacturing 

VlexPlus is a cloud-enabled software solution based on cutting edge web technology that manages to maintain a balance between flexibility in manufacturing management on the one hand, and process efficiency on the other. The entire variant management was deeply integrated into the business management functions in VlexPlus.  

The advantage is that all processes involving configuration, planning and distribution of different item variants is kept under control. Strategic managerial control of all variant management functions and expanded cost estimation possibilities ensures that variant costs are calculated for the appropriate customer, and that companies can constantly keep track of the planning, management, and oversight of their complex ordering and manufacturing processes.  VlexPlus’s multi-site capability and open interface for effective end-to-end processes with partner companies make it well suited for complex collaboration networks. Its integrated workflow management, business intelligence, archiving and a secure IoT gateway ensure process optimization throughout the entire value network.

VlexPlus Business Software ERP as…

  • An industry 4.0 enabler
  • A central data hub for your digitisation strategy
  • A cornerstone of future success through state-of-the-art, internet-based app architecture
  • A complete system with a smart configurator for products made according to customer specifications
  • An industry solution, e.g. for industrial furniture production, wood processing, metal processing, electrical engineering and components of various types.

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