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How this machine manufacturing company improved its processes with Cloud ERP – Why SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH replaced its SAP R/3 system with SAP Business by Design cloud software? Case Study. Read it now!

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27. April 2021

How this machine manufacturing company improved its processes with Cloud ERP – Why SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH replaced its SAP R/3 system with SAP Business by Design cloud software? Case Study. Read it now!

SOLO optimizes global collaboration with an ERP in SAP’s cloud. SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH has replaced its SAP R/3 system with SAP Business ByDesign cloud software. By doing so, this market leader for crop protection equipment is optimizing cooperation between its worldwide subsidiaries and is thereby laying the groundwork for future growth.

Whether in German gardens, French vineyards, African cocoa and South American coffee plantations or Asian cotton crops – the mobile crop protection technology from Sindelfingen-based SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH is synonymous with the world-famous “Made in Germany” seal of quality. The many products offered by this family-run business range from hand-operated sprayers to motorized, backpack misters. SOLO’s product range also features a variety of cut-off machines. “We have been based in Sindelfingen for almost 70 years, but we are now at home all over the world,” says Managing Director Andreas Emmerich, who is now the second generation to run the family business.

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A focus on global cooperation

In addition to the manufacturing site in Sindelfingen, SOLO operates further production facilities in the USA and China. The company also has its own sales offices in seven countries. “Accordingly, it is important that the cooperation between the individual foreign companies and the headquarters in Sindelfingen runs smoothly at all times,” says Emmerich. “As a quality market leader, we cannot afford communication gaps.” Transparent and automated processes have therefore always played a vital role at SOLO. Since the turn of the millennium, SAP R/3 has provided the basis for this but due to structural changes within the company, management decided almost twenty years later to replace the ERP suite with SAP Business ByDesign cloud software. At first glance, the on-premise software seemed too complex for such a lean product. However, the cloud-based solution proved to be a welcome change for SOLO.

Above all, more flexibility due to a switch to a cloud-based solution was promised. SOLO was not disappointed. “SAP Business ByDesign is not only much leaner than SAP R/3. We can also use all data and functions regardless of location,” praises Sascha Luft, who has been managing the company’s activities together with Andreas Emmerich since August. All that is needed is an Internet-capable computer and an Internet browser. The SOLO employees in Sindelfingen use these to access identical applications and data. “This reduces the risk of errors and ensures that everyone is always up to date wherever they are – even if they spend weeks working in their home offices, for example,” emphasizes the SOLO managing director.

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The two managing directors Sascha Luft and Andreas Emmerich (from left)

Up-to-date key indicators at the push of a button

Sales are especially benefitting from this change: The sales department can check the status of all orders, view contract data, total sales, and payments down to receipt level in no time at all during on-site customer meetings. Production also runs like clockwork with SAP Business ByDesign. “Our supply chains have become more international, so it’s all the more important each scheduling cog meshes seamlessly,” explains Luft.

The changeover has also reaped rewards for management. Reliable, up-to-the-minute information is now available for strategic decisions, regardless of location. Relevant key indicators and detailed analyses are available at the push of a button. Another advantage is that the various branches do not need their own IT resources to use the cloud solution. This means they can concentrate on their core business with ease. Meanwhile, SAP experts in high-performance data centres take care of system maintenance, data backup and all upgrades.

Smooth transition from on-premise to cloud ERP

The switch from the powerful on-premise solution to the lean cloud software went smoothly. “This is due in no small part to the dedicated consultants from All for One Steeb,” says the SOLO managing director, praising the comprehensive support provided by the implementation partner. Replacing the existing SAP R/3 system not only focused on technical aspects; there was also a lot to do in terms of organization. For example, several processes had to be completely realigned, and material numbers, bills of materials and routings had to be brought up to SAP Business By Design standards. Thanks to All for One Steeb’s tried and tested implementation methodology, this was achieved without any significant problems.

In the meantime, cross-departmental and cross-location collaboration at SOLO is back to business as usual: All processes are mapped in SAP Business By Design, and the external solutions for payroll and customs processing are seamlessly integrated with the cloud solution. Emmerich is impressed with how straightforward it is to connect non-SAP systems, other cloud applications, and external data with SAP Business By Design. “That was much more complicated with the old on-premise software,” Andreas Emmerich recalls. In the future, the company therefore wants to integrate logistics even more closely into the ERP system. The goal is to further simplify warehousing and shipping. Overall, both SOLO managing directors are convinced that SAP Business ByDesign will further strengthen the Sindelfingen-based company’s market position: “We are very well positioned for the future with our system,” concludes Emmerich.

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Download SOLO’s success story and learn more about the following advantages:

  • Speed: change from cumbersome R3 to modern cloud ERP
  • Low cost: no high initial investment and reduction of IT costs overall
  • Efficiency: optimized, automated processes and easy handling of the powerful and easily scalable ERP solution SAP Business ByDesign

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