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ALPHAPLAN in international deployment at Würth Elektronik

ERP system of the year 2020 in the „International ERP“category

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14. December 2020

ALPHAPLAN in international deployment at Würth Elektronik  ERP system of the year 2020 in the „International ERP“category

We have already reported in detail on the success story of the ALPHAPLAN deployment at this Würth Group company. This international success story can be summarized in one sentence: Growth from just 15 users to 3,300 at over 30 locations and production facilities in 21 years.

cvs 2020siegel

The invitation to participate in this year‘s competition for the “ERP system of the year” coincided with the production of our UPtoDATE special issue on Würth Electronik [1]. All the factors that contributed to the long-term success of ALPHAPLAN with this particular customer were crafted into a compelling narrative. Then, when a suitable prize category (International ERP) was advertised, we felt obliged to participate. Thankfully, our efforts were rewarded and on October 14th we were crowned winners in this category. 


This category might have come as a bit of a surprise to long-time associates as it rarely appears in our advertising. However, ALPHAPLAN sales manager Robert Lüers provided some background in an interview on the topic: “We do not explicitly advertise ALPHAPLAN as an ‘international’ ERP, but we do offer our clientele a basis for international growth. Internationalization does not stop at SMEs. In this respect, we are also targeting German companies that are internationally positioned. The emphasis is on ´German’ companies. These are medium-sized companies that are seeking to, or already have, expanded their activities abroad and are looking for a uniform ERP solution that can and should be administered from Germany.”[2]

System DNA

The required adaptability is firmly anchored in what is often referred to as the system’s “DNA”. Our operator concept is the most evident expression of ALPHAPLAN‘s capabilities. On this basis and with this noteworthy customer project, we faced the challenge of being compared to our competitors. The much-advertised “DNA” in our ERP and its resulting suitability as a platform for a broad range of areas of application also includes international deployment in a manner that meets the aforementioned conditions. 


We were able to receive good reviews (again) in the “Industry Suitability” category. The result is directly related to the prerequisite “specific customer benefit”, which once again made a significant contribution to our reaching the finals. Benefit orientation is one of our key success factors in the market. 

Additional comments from the examining jury provided important insights for our participation in future competitions. Not only did these comments address the criteria specific to this program, they also provided more general feedback regarding the vendor‘s “performance”. Our marketing was thereby certified as having a good digitalisation strategy, as well as a good adaptability to the present situation through use of digital alternatives to in-person meetings. The “radar system” used in our digital marketing was also praised. This vastly expanded system keeps us up to date on significant developments – even if these developments only affect us indirectly [3]. In the final we were represented by our sales manager and Würth Elektronik’s project manager. Both led a well-received presentation regarding the (technical) integration and architecture as they related to the “technology and scope of integration” criteria.

If an ERP system goes live successfully and according to plan, it is perceived as a good system. If an ERP functions quickly and reliably for many years, it is an exceptionally good system. But, if an ERP can grow with you over the course of 20 years, just as ours has, it is simply excellent. 

Peter Schlechtinger (Member of the Management Board of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group)

Michael Krutzke

CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 10
28199 Bremen

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ERP-System des Jahres 2020 Gewinner

[1] ALPHAPLAN-Kundenzeitung:
[2] Robert Lüers im Interview:
[3] „Digitalisierungsradar“, Beispiel auf S. 8/9:

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