About GITO

We are passionate about good professional information. The type of information that really helps the reader. None of the bells and whistles that you normally get with marketing. Instead, we provide the knowledge of experts, brought to the point, for practical use; both in digital and print, both for German-speaking countries and internationally.

We see it as our task to match companies looking for software with the best software providers in the world. To this end, we work closely with consultants and applied researchers. We guide information seekers through the jungle of specialized information and help them make the right decision. Our clients’ personal careers are important to us. We support them in their lifelong learning.

GITO aims to provide the best specialist information concerning the 4th Industrial Revolution, Smart Factory and ERP that the market has to offer. Together with our excellent authors, we meet the huge demand that the professional public has for neutral, helpful information. With us, business projects will be successful and personal professional education propels the career of our readers.

The successful transfer between science and practice is what distinguishes us. We are proud of “Made in Germany” and want to make the 4th Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0 – known around the world. We have been doing our best to achieve this every day since 1995.

GITO mbH Verlag is a member of the Magazine Publishing Association (Verband der Zeitschriftenverleger) Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. The headquarter of GITO is based in Berlin/Germany.


Contact for Business Matters:
Martina Braun
GITO Verlag
Kaiserdamm 23
14057 Berlin / Germany
Phone:  +49 30 419383 64
Fax:        +49 30 419383 67

Contact for Marketing, Gito Shop and Events:
Martina Jablonska
GITO Verlag
Kaiserdamm 23
14057 Berlin / Germany
Phone:  +49 30 419383 68
Fax:        +49 30 419383 67

Contact for Production Management:
Wiebke Wegener
GITO Verlag
Kaiserdamm 23
14057 Berlin / Germany
Phone:  +49 33231 621 66
Fax:        +49 30 419383 67



Herbst 2021

  • Umfassender Marktführer mit den 63 besten ERP-Systemen
  • Überblick über das sehr unübersichtliche Angebot auf dem deutschsprachigen ERP-Markt .
  • Vergleich der branchenübergreifenden Lösungen
  • Lösungen der Branchenschwerpunkte Handel, Dienstleistung und Fertigung 
  • Weitere Themenschwerpunkte sind ERP-Auswahl, Kostenfaktoren bei Systemeinführungen, Erfolgsfaktoren für ERP-Projekte sowie Robotic Process Automation. 


The European ERP Event

European elite event to take place in Frankfurt/Germany

Two-day conference on ERP trends with 3 major highlights:

  • Meet this year’s finalists for the European contest „ERP system of the year”!
  • Check whether your company needs an upgrade, a new ERP or major process improvements
  • Take advice from leading experts on Digital transformation, AI and ERP

Register now, limited seats!

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